2017-2018 Applications

Dear Parents,

The 2017-2018 budget bill and our proviso passed, so we’re ready for another year!


The legislature granted us $11 million in scholarship funds for this year. We are working to make sure those funds are raised quickly!

We will be opening applications for our program on Thursday, June 22, 2017 at noon. To apply, please visit our website. You can follow the link from there to TADS.

  • If you applied last year, use the same email address and password. This will allow the form to fill your contact information and help us track scholarship consistency.
  • If your school applied for you last year, they should contact you and either pass on your TADS login information or inform you they will be handling the application again.
  • Please remember: If you applied early by mistake, you will need to log in and re-submit your information in order to be considered.
  • Applications will be open from Thursday, June 22, 2017 to Tuesday, August 1, 2017. Any applications submitted after August 1 will not be considered in our first round of awards.
  • To apply, you will need basic household contact information, the eligible school you’re planning to enroll your child, your tuition amount, and a copy of your child’s eligibility paperwork.

Tax Credit:

The legislature has granted $2M statewide cap on tax credits for 2017-2018. These credits are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. As with last year, we expect these credits to be used up quickly. DOR is finalizing the paperwork and an updated version of the form will be available on our website by July 1, 2017.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected].


The Board of Directors of Exceptional SC