March 3, 2021

The Exceptional SC Board of Directors has worked diligently and sacrificially to raise and distribute funds that allow special needs students to attend non-public schools in South Carolina. We are a volunteer board and have worked in good faith with the SC Legislature, Department of Revenue, Education Oversight Committee, donors, schools and families to provide much needed scholarships for students to attend schools that best meet their specific needs.

Recent and ongoing allegations of mismanagement and embezzlement of funds are outrageous and false. There are a number of safeguards present to prohibit such egregious conduct. At no time has any board member or employee (contract or otherwise) been censured, terminated or otherwise reprimanded for these reprehensible actions because no board member or employee (contract or otherwise) has committed these alleged violations.

The Exceptional SC Board of Directors remains committed to the special needs students and families we serve. We continue to raise money and grant scholarships, affording students the opportunity to attend the schools that best serve their needs. For more information about and/or to donate to Exceptional SC, please visit our website: