1. What is ECENC?
    Educational Credits for Exceptional Needs Children was created by the SC General Assembly in 2013. It created a mechanism for donors to contribute toward a scholarship fund for students in SC who meet the criteria as exceptional needs to use to go to approved independent schools in SC. It has been included as a budget proviso for the last several years. Each year the legislature tweaks the language of the proviso, working to make the program stronger. The Exceptional SC board is working with the SC legislature to make the funding permanent law during their 2017 session.
  1. What is Exceptional SC?
    Exceptional SC was created in the 2016 budget proviso 109.5 governing the ECENC. According to the proviso, “The fund shall be governed by five directors, two appointed by the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, one of which is based upon the recommendation of the South Carolina Association of Christian Schools and one which is based upon the recommendation of the Diocese of Charleston, two appointed by the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee based upon the recommendations of the South Carolina Independent Schools Association and one appointed by the Governor based upon the recommendation of the Palmetto Association of Independent Schools.”
  1. Who are the current directors for Exceptional SC?
    Thomas E. Persons, Mr. Michael A. Acquilano, Mr. C. Edward Earwood III, Mrs. Betsy A. Fanning, and Dr. Spencer A. Jordan.
  1. How are awards determined?
    As stated in the 2016 proviso, incumbent students (those students who received awards in the previous year) are given priority. The Exceptional SC board is developing support by the legislature to increase the funding tax credits so that all our special need students can get full scholarships.
  1. How do “new” students get prioritized?
    Students who did not receive awards in the previous year will receive awards as funds allow.
  1. Who can donate?
    No limitations. South Carolina taxpayers are eligible for a State income tax credit on up to 60% of their State liability. Exceptional SC is a 501(c)(3). Donations to a 501(c)(3) are deductible on your federal taxes. Please consult your CPA/financial advisor for more information on donating to non-profits.
  1. Can parents and family members donate?
    What about “quid pro quo”? The Exceptional SC board does not have access to the names of donors. Our funding of students is based on eligibility documents and incumbency.
  1. Will additional awards be made?
    Incumbents will receive spring awards. As additional funds become available, new students to the program will also receive awards.
  1. I got a tax credit and a scholarship. What do I do?
    You will be notified by the Department of Revenue that your tax credit has been reduced by the amount of scholarship your child received.