Your Donation Creates Opportunity

A donation to Exceptional SC helps pay private school tuition for an eligible exceptional needs student in South Carolina.

Who Can Donate?

Individuals and corporations who pay South Carolina income taxes can donate to the Exceptional SC 501(c)(3) scholarship fund.

Donors are:

  • Eligible to claim a dollar for dollar credit on state income tax liability;
  • (or) Entitled to a tax credit against bank taxes imposed pursuant to Chapter 11, Title 12;
  • Limited to a maximum credit claim that is 60% of their one-year tax liability;
  • Not allowed to designate specific student or school as beneficiary;
  • Limited by a first come, first serve annual statewide cap of $12 million.

To receive a scholarship, exceptional needs students must prove eligibility. Scholarships are then awarded based on a number of criteria. Students who are awarded the scholarship must attend a school that the Education Oversight Committee has approved for participation in this program.

Ready to Donate?