What is Exceptional SC?

Exceptional SC is a scholarship fund that helps students with exceptional needs attend credentialed private schools. Scholarships and tuition tax credits from Exceptional SC are only available to students attending an eligible school.

School Participation

If a school meets the eligibility requirements, it can apply for program participation through the Educational Oversight Committee (EOC). The EOC certifies school eligibility on an annual basis. Check the School Directory for an updated list of eligible schools for the 2018-2019 school year.

If your school is interested in participating, please visit the EOC website for more information.

Eligible school status is added to the Exceptional SC as it is published by the EOC.

How are Scholarships Issued?

Exceptional SC sends a check to the eligible school in the name of the student that has received the scholarship. If the student leaves or withdraws from the school for any reason prior to the end of the semester or school year and does not re-enroll within 30 days, the school must return a prorated amount of the grant to Exceptional SC based on the number of days the qualifying student was enrolled in the school during the semester or school year within 60 days of the qualifying student’s departure.

Tax Credit for Teachers?

School teachers can apply for up to $275 in refundable tax credits for out-of-pocket classroom expenses with the Classroom Teacher Expense Credit.