Scholarship Fund

What is the Exceptional SC Scholarship Fund?

The Exceptional SC 501(c)(3) scholarship fund (also known as the Educational Credit for Exceptional Needs Children) was created by the South Carolina Legislature. The fund is made up of tax-deductible donations that serve as scholarships for the private school tuition of exceptional needs students in South Carolina. To receive a scholarship, exceptional needs students complete an application to prove eligibility. The Exceptional SC board reviews applications and awards scholarships based on a number of criteria. Students who are awarded the scholarship must attend a school that the Education Oversight Committee has approved for program participation.

As stated in legislation, 95% of all donations go directly to student scholarships and 5% supports program administrative costs.

Exceptional SC is now accepting tax year 2024 donations.

2024 donations as of June 30, 2024 – $1,437,785.98

Who Can Donate

How to Donate