Applications for 2017-2018 are closed.


If you need help with your TADS account or application, contact TADS support at [email protected]. If you have other questions, contact [email protected].

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  • Unlike the tax credits, applications are not first come first served.
  • If you applied last year, use the same email address and password. This will allow the form to fill your contact information and help us track scholarship consistency.
  • If your school applied for you last year, they should contact you and either pass on your TADS login information or inform you they will be handling the application again.
  • Please remember: If you applied early by mistake, you will need to log in and re-submit your information in order to be considered.
  • To apply, you will need basic household contact information, the eligible school you’re planning to enroll your child, your tuition amount, and a copy of your child’s eligibility paperwork.