School Eligibility

What is an “Eligible School”?

A list of eligible schools is periodically updated by the Education Oversight Committee (EOC). Scholarship applications can be submitted (but not awarded) before the school receives official EOC approval.

An eligible school must support students with documented disabilities through a specially designed program or a resource center. In order to receive an Exceptional SC student scholarship, the school must also: be a private primary or secondary schools physically located within South Carolina; not discriminate on basis of race, color or national origin in their admission of students; use a curriculum which includes courses listed in state diploma requirements; use a national or state standardized testing and provide test scores to the EOC; have physical facilities that meet local, state and/or federal laws; be a member of SACS, SCACS, PAIS, and/or SCISA; and complete an annual compliance audit.

Every year, private schools wishing to participate in this program must apply for eligibility with the EOC. This application process helps protect students and families by ensuring schools meet/continue to meet the program eligibility requirements. A school must provide the EOC with information on the school’s eligibility (outlined above), assessment score data from the previous school year, the number of grants received in the previous school year, and a copy of an audit of the organization’s financial statements to be considered for eligibility.

If your school is interested in participating, please visit the EOC website for more information.