Exceptional SC School Funding Update

School Funding Update        

Dear Heads of Schools & Parents,

These unprecedented times have affected everyone in some way.

As you know, a new IRS regulation literally changed the way our tax credits work in SC. At this time, it is unlikely that we will be able to fully fund the scholarship amounts to your school before the end of your school year.

We continue to raise scholarship money.

We continue to work with the legislature to make needed changes to our law. 

And we continue to await the IRS final ruling that could drastically improve our fundraising and return us to the status we had in 2018 when we were able to raise over $17 million for scholarships.

As always, we will continue to keep you informed as we have new information. 

Thank You and God Bless,  
Chad Connelly
Executive Director    

Exceptional SC Board
Tom Persons Chairman
Michael Acquilano SC Catholic Conference
Edward Earwood SC Association of Christian Schools
Betsy Fanning Trident Academy
Dr. Spencer Jordan SC Independent School Association

As always please do not hesitate to contact the following with any specific questions or concern:

Application or Donation Questions
803-602-4398 | [email protected]

Technical Application Questions (TADS)
800-477-8237 | [email protected]

Tax Credit Questions (SCDOR)
803-898-5706 | [email protected]