We need your help!

Dear Exceptional SC Families,
As noted in our email earlier this week, we have been very busy working with legislators on your behalf. We are hopeful that a solution will be coming soon. We’d like to ask for your help as we move this process along.
There is a plan working through the SC House that could fund scholarships for your children this year. As with all legislation, there is a multi-step process. Our first stop is with the House of Representatives. We will follow up in a few days with an email asking for your help contacting SC Senators. Please help us secure scholarship dollars for your children!
Today, please call your SC House Representative and ask them to support funding scholarships for exceptional needs children while they are in session this month. Tell them about the struggles your family is facing financially as well as the struggles facing your child educationally. We are hopeful that, with your support, we can move forward with a solution for scholarship funding for this year.
Click here to find the contact information for your state representatives. All you need to do is enter your address to find your representatives.
Working together we can make a difference!
Exceptional SC Board

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